QSP Panel

Product Features

  • Indoor/Outdoor galvanized wall mount enclosure with painted doors
  • 400A thru 1200A
  • 208Y/120, 480Y/277 Volt Three Phase Applications, 120/240V Single Phase Applications
  • CT Provisions with 1-6 main disconnects
  • Single cabinet, pad lockable two-door design and side cover
  • Hard Bus Construction—No Internal Cabling!
  • Aluminum bus standard
  • Bottom feed
  • 65K AIC Bracing
  • Dimensions: 84”H x 40”W x 16-1/4”D
  • Bussed Interior Type Chassis
  • 100, 200 or 400 amp fusible pullouts
  • Siemens VacuBreak Switches
  • Siemens Circuit Breakers


  • Copper bus—See factory for pricing


Space (Inches)

7.5, 5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0


100A/2P Fusible Pullout (Class T Fuses), 100A/3P Fusible Pullout (Class T Fuses), 200A/2P Fusible Pullout (Class T Fuses), 200A/3P Fusible Pullout (Class T Fuses), 400A/2P Fusible Pullout (Class T Fuses), 400A/3P Fusible Pullout (Class T Fuses), 30-30A/3P Twin VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 60-60A/3P Twin VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 100-100A/3P Twin VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 200A/3P Single VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 200A-200A/3P Twin VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 400A/3P Single VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 600A/3P Single VB Switch (RK5 Fuses), 800A/3P Single HCP Switch (L Fuses), 1200A/3P Single HCP Switch (L Fuses) – No Ground Fault