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What You Need to Know about the NEC 408.9 Code Change for Panelboard Retrofits

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Recently, the NEC updated its rules for retrofitting panelboards. Take a moment to get to up to speed and discover EMI’s code-compliant solution for panelboard retrofits.

NEC Article 408.9 Code Change Explained

The NEC made a critical update to Article 408.9: Replacement Panelboards. The 408.9 code change requires a new minimum box size rating for certain panelboard retrofits. If the available fault current is greater than 10,000 amps, you must comply with the code’s new minimum box size. If the required box will not work with the panelboard you’re retrofitting, then you will need to replace the panelboard.

The new rule does not apply to panelboards where the available fault current is less than 10,000 amps.

EMI’s Simple and Effective Solution

The code change can throw a wrench in your panelboard retrofit, especially if your panelboard is flush-mounted. To help you overcome this issue, EMI has developed an all-in-one solution that streamlines your retrofit while helping you stay compliant with the NEC’s update to 408.9.

Our all-in-one panelboard eliminates the need to redo your existing panelboard’s piping and wires. It comes complete with circuit breakers, busbar, and a custom front cover that trims out around the breaker handles to save you installation time. We only use components that are NEC code-compliant so you can be sure that when you order a replacement panelboard from us, it will be compliant with the latest code changes.

Don’t get dinged by inspectors for replacing a panelboard the old way. To learn more about EMI’s all-in-one panelboards and discover if they are a good solution for your end application, get in touch with our team today.