EMI has a strong reputation for building custom switchgear, both low and medium voltage, control and switchgear houses designed to your specifications, medium voltage tap boxes and customized power distribution units (PDU’s). We specialize in the design and fabrication of switchgear regardless of the manufacturer, space constraints or specialized requirements. EMI offers flexibility of made to order gear with competitive delivery times. Our equipment is found around the country in all types of applications including hospitals, health care facilities, utilities, water and waste water plants or pumping stations, data centers, commercial and industrial facilities.


EMI provides all types of electrical distribution equipment, custom may be our specialty, but we were founded on quality simple electrical distribution equipment in 1981. EMI manufacturers current transformer cabinets, cable termination cabinets, main switch and current transformer cabinet (MSCT’s) for installations around the country. EMI stocks this cabinets so they are ready when you need them.