Current Transformer (CT) Cabinets for Alliant Energy Service Area

About Our Cabinets

EMI, Inc. manufactures current transformer cabinets that meet the specific requirements of many utilities.  Wall mount current transformer cabinets are available in several sizes and configurations ranging from 400 amps to 1600 amps.  Pad mount cabinets are available up to 4000 amps.

Product Features

  • 400 through 800 amp applications designed for bar type transformers
  • 801 through 1200 amp applications designed for window type transformers, supplied with link and CT support
  • Rated at 600V, 3PH, 4W, with full size insulated neutral
  • Interrupting rating 65,000 amp short circuit rating standard
  • ETL Listed / Nema 3R rated for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Lug/CT landing pads are fabricated of EC grade aluminum rated at 750 amps per square inch. 1/2” CT mounting bolts are provided.  Standard lug range (1) 750 MCM-1/0 AWG or (2) 300 MCM-1/0 AWG.

Available Options

  • Copper Bus
  • 85,000A Short circuit bracing (800-1200A)



List Price

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Mounting Type

Wall mount 250V, Bottom In/Top Out, Wall mount 250/600V, Bottom In/Bottom Out with PT Pan, Pad Mount 250 & 600V, Bottom In/Bottom Out with PT Pan


400, 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000


3 Phase/4 Wire, 1 Phase/3 Wire

Lugs Per PH&N

1-Line & Load, 2-Line & Load, 3-Line & Load, 4-Line & Load, 5-1000 MCM Line 5-750 MCM Load, 6-1000 MCM Line 6-750 MCM Load, 7-1000 MCM Line 7-750 MCM Load, 8-1000 MCM Line 8-750 MCM Load


48”H x 30”W x 16”D, 60”H x 30”W x 16”D, 48”H x 38”W x 16”D, 60"H x 34"W x 16"D, 60”H x 38”W x 16”D, 60”H x 42”W x 16”D, 65”H x 54”W x 24”D, 75”H x 62”W x 24”D