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EMI Completes New eHouse for an Airport Commission

Recently, EMI had the privilege of designing and fabricating a new, custom electrical house (eHouse) for an airport commission. The eHouse will be installed at a major Metropolitan Airport and serve the airport’s security team.

Inside the eHouse

The new eHouse is a 20-foot by 12-foot enclosure that features 4-inch-thick walls with fiberglass insulation. Within the enclosure are two separate rooms. One room houses the switchboard for the main power entry for the utility. The other room houses distribution equipment for the backup generator that supports airport security equipment in the event of a power loss.

The eHouse is temperature-controlled with heat and air conditioning, includes interior LED lights, and features a network cabinet workers can use to monitor equipment within the building as well as the generator. Interior and exterior outlets ensure the team can use the building as a power source as needed.

Infrastructure to Support Resiliency

A major feature of the new eHouse is that it serves as the infrastructure to support a backup generator. The distribution room for the generator includes automatic transfer switches that will automatically start the generator in the event of a power outage. The eHouse also has a quick-connect generator cabinet that can serve as a temporary generator hook up in the event that the main generator is inoperable.

One Custom, Modular Solution

The custom-built eHouse was fabricated onsite at EMI using top-of-the-line components. The entire unit was loaded on a truck to its end site and placed on a prepared concrete pad. Once hookups are complete, the eHouse will serve the airport security team for years to come.  

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