Electro-Mechanical Industries, Inc. (EMI) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) serving  a multitude of industries, including renewable industries such as solar and wind, commercial, industrial, health care, oil and gas, and education, to name a few.

EMI specializes in providing custom solutions for low-voltage, medium-voltage, metal-clad, and paralleling switchgear for these commercial and industrial installations. We also build control or switchgear houses, custom wire ways, control panels and retro-fit panels engineered to our customers’ end applications in addition to cable termination cabinets and CT Cans.

Our new blog will provide essential information in electrical distribution equipment and the markets we serve. We will share the latest trends and innovations in electrical distribution and feature case studies on recent projects. We look forward to becoming an even more trusted partner for you.


EMI delivers innovative solutions to meet every customer’s unique requirements and exceed their expectations. EMI’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to design and fabricate to your specific project’s requirements and respond rapidly to changes that arise during the process.

EMI excels at solving complex project challenges, including designs with unique dimensions or limited space, the ability to revise gear mid-project, and streamlining our process to meet tight lead times. Our customers have come to expect the best solutions to their electrical distribution needs.

The EMI blog will put our expertise and experience at your fingertips. To learn more about EMI and how we can partner with you, contact the EMI team today.

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