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A photo showing outdoor pad mount solar switchgear lineup located on a concrete pad alongside of transformers.

Custom Switchboards for Utility-Scale Solar Projects

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Switchboards for utility-scale solar developments must be custom designed to ensure efficient and safe energy production. EMI is your partner for built-to-spec switchboards for utility-scale solar projects, including utility-owned solar farms and community solar gardens. Here’s what we take into consideration when we design your custom solution.

Scale of the Solar Project

Our team considers the size and characteristics of your solar project when designing your custom switchboard solution. We take into account the total output capacity of your site to determine the combination of breakers and amperages your project requires. We can include multiple sets of switchgear to accommodate a large installation. You can choose to cluster your switchgear around a main breaker or include several distribution breakers across your site.

We also consider the topography of the land to design an appropriate enclosure. We understand that many solar projects are sited on land that is otherwise unproductive. As a result, you may need your switchboard enclosure to be configured in a non-standard shape. If there is a level surface available, we can design an enclosure for your switchgear to serve your solar project.

Once we finalize your switchboard’s design, we will build every component in-house within the enclosure. Then, we deliver the switchboard and enclosure as a single shipping unit. Installation typically takes about a week, depending on the size and scope of your project.

Special Considerations for Utility-Scale Solar Projects

With our years of experience serving utility-scale solar developers, EMI has the expert knowledge to accommodate various special utility requirements. For example, we include equipment for compliance with utility mandated anti-islanding protections, and EMI provides testing provisions to ease the commissioning process. When you partner with us, you can trust us to understand all the nuances of your project, including equipment the utility companies require.

EMI is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom switchboards and enclosures. We work alongside solar developers to ensure their electrical systems perform optimally and safely. For help choosing the right equipment for your solar project, contact the EMI team today.