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Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on streets across the United States. Deloitte predicts the US market will account for half of all electric vehicles on the planet by 2030. To keep up with the trend and accommodate electric vehicle drivers, businesses and municipalities are investing in charging stations for their parking lots and structures.

EMI offers electrical contractors a one-box solution for charging station power distribution that is easy to install, low profile, and durable. Our innovative and convenient cabinets enable contractors to sell an all-in-one charging station solution to their customers.

One-Box Power Distribution Units

The EMI engineers have designed a one-box power distribution unit (PDU) to make supplying charging stations with power fast and easy.

Without it, an electrical contractor would have to install at least four separate cabinets: one for distributing 480-volt, one distributing 240-volt, another for the transformer, and another for metering. The result is a jumble of boxes on homemade racking next to the charging station. Not only is this solution unattractive, it makes the charging station more vulnerable to damage.

With EMI’s one-box PDU, a single, low-profile cabinet houses all the components for distribution and metering required to power the charging station. It’s easy to install, requires few extra components, and is paintable to blend in with the customer’s landscaping and architecture.

Once installed, the PDU supplies utility power to the charging unit, which distributes the power to the vehicles. The one-box PDU meters the supply to make billing a breeze for customers.

To offer your electrical charging station customers a one-box PDU solution, partner with the power distribution experts at EMI. We’ll work with you design and build a one-box PDU you can resell to customers. For more information, contact EMI today.