Control & Switchgear Enclosures

EMI, Inc. provides switchgear and switchgear enclosures for your electrical distribution needs.
Whether you need additional real estate or desire a turnkey electrical distribution solution, we can
provide you with an integrated solution. These houses are designed to your specifications and
requirements. The switchgear can be integrated to connect to your building automation system
or operate as a stand-alone system. We customize these enclosures to include a complete solution
for your specialized needs.


• Aesthetic painted steel construction, architectural cladding available upon request
• Built to IBC standards
• Skin-tight or walk-in style construction
• Drop-over or structural skid base construction
• Lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation options
• Package control, paralleling and transfer options


• Thermal insulated and sound attenuation options
• Fire suppression FM200 or CO2 options
• Integrate customer supplied equipment


• Electrical
– Controls, PLC’s & HMI’s
– Drives & Inverters
– Light Fixtures
– MCC’s
– Panelboards
– Switchgear
– Relay Panels
– Transformers
• Mechanical
– BAS Connections
– Fire Suppression
– Smoke Detection
– Fumes Detection
• Safety
– Eye Wash stations
– Life Safety Lighting
• Controls
– Battery Systems & Storage
– Servers
– Telecommunications