Wireways and Enclosures

Wireways are sheet metal troughs with hinged or removable covers for housing electrical wires and/or cables.  These enclosures are fabricated from code gauge steel, often galvanized for spaces such as ceiling areas or wall ducts.  Wireways are sized based on the number, type, and size of the conductors.  EMI can fabricate wireways, pullboxes or enclosures for your specific needs.


CT Scan or X-ray room often utilizes floor, wall and ceiling duct to distribute power to medical equipment. Commercial and industrial applications often require the use of wireways to distribute power and low voltage cabling throughout the facility, top hats for conduit entrance into switchgear, special pull boxes and sheet metal and/or angle iron stands to support or mount equipment.

Product Features

  • NEMA 1
  • NEMA 3R
  • Custom options available