Paralleling Switchgear

EMI, Inc. has designed, manufactured and commissioned utility to generator and utility to utility
and generator to generator paralleling and back up systems throughout the United States. We have experience in manufacturing generator back up systems designed for multiple utilities and multiple generator installations. Utility to utility paralleling systems have been designed and installed to provide power in critical health care facilities.
The end-users of these systems include telephone companies, medical manufacturing companies,
data centers, wastewater treatment plants, oil pumping stations, airports, schools, utilities, hospitals, and governments.
The control systems for this equipment has utilized Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), operator interfaces and a variety of instrumentation providing critical information for PLC use, system status monitoring, overall system control and data logging

Product Features

• Open or Closed Transition Options
• Load Shedding / Peak Shaving
• Touch Screen
• Power Monitoring

The above system was designed and manufactured by EMI, Inc. PLC, Touch Screen, bus monitoring devices and generator synchronizing control were programmed by EMI, Inc. The system provided backup power to a major Minneapolis area shopping mall. Three (3) two megawatt generators and one (1) utility were controlled by the system providing soft closed transfers between utility and the generators. EXPORT and IMPORT operation were also part of the system. A remote control (SCADA) was used to monitor and control all functions of the system. Power Monitoring devices supplied information to the PLC and Touch Screen for bus information and soft transfer operations.



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