Medium Voltage Switchgear

Metal Clad Switchgear and Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Metal Clad Switchgear is rated for 5 kV up to 35 kV.  The main switch and interruption device is drawn out and can be either a circuit breaker or a load break interrupter switch.  Metal Clad gear contains extensive barriers, shutters over the primary circuit elements when the interrupter is withdrawn and insulated bus.

Metal Enclosed interrupter switchgear is rated for 5 kV up to 35kV.  The main switch device is an interrupter switch, usually load-break, which may be stationary or draw out.  Over-current protection is usually provided by fuses, the bus is typically bare and there are minimal required barriers.  Electrical operators are available, but manually operated switches are used most often.

Product Features

  • U/L listed Metal Clad Vacuum Circuit breaker switchgear
  • 5KV-15KV U/L listed, switchgear can be built up to 35KV
  • Utility metering sections, main switch, branch switch and fuse distribution
  • Various fuse manufacturers and fuse mounting options are available
  • Utility metering sections
  • Multiple source and paralleling option
  • NEMA I or NEMA 3R Ratings