UL Low Voltage Switchgear

Standard switchboards are TYPE 1 freestanding enclosures fabricated of code gauge steel and phosphatized, primed and painted as required. Standard construction is rail and panel design with internal structure componets and rear cover plates fabricated of G90 galvanized steel, unless otherwise specified. All switchboards are built in accordance with ANSI standards, U/L 891, UL 1558 (pending) and NEC.

Standard dimensions are 42 inches wide x 90 inches high or 38 inches wide x 90 inches high. The standard depth is 24 inches for switchboards through 2000 amps and 30 inches for switchboards from 2001 through 4000 amps. Special dimensions designs are available for space restricted and other special applications. TYPE 3R.

Standard bus structure is fabricated of electrical grade tin plated aluminum rated at 750 amps per square inch. Silver plated copper bus rated at 1000 amps per square inch is available when required. Standard bus bracing is 50,000 amp. Bus bracing up to 200,000 amp short circuit rating is available as required.

Solid state zero sequence ground fault protection is available when required.

  • Phase loss, phase reversal and low line voltage protection with shunt trip or capacitive discharge shunt trip are also available.
  • Surge arrestors, surge capacitors and SPD are utilized as specified.

Instrumentation options are available as required.

Component Suppliers
  • ABB
  • SQD